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Front load the design

At Lockmetal, we understand that the more planning and design activity we do upfront, the better the end result. So as standard, we always insist on achieving:

  • Clearly defined scope
  • Accurate project measurement
  • Well researched specification
  • Practical detailing
  • Realistic and scheduled programme


Understand the complexities

A successful project is a team of teams…

  • We collaborate!
  • We actively reach out to other sub-contractors within the contract framework
  • We know we are part of a process and that communication is key


Focus on the intersections

Knowing where the pitfalls are is the product of experience, and we have been designing Statement Cladding packages for 25 years…

  • An all rounded view on the entire package
  • Focus on known problem areas
  • Therefore our proposals are comprehensive, and deliverable!


Collaborate with other packages

Our information management system has been specifically designed for technically complex projects…

  • Knowing how a document management system works is imperative to good performance
  • We appoint a dedicated project manager and design technician
  • We understand the detail!


Manage the detail

The elements of the project that have been drawn already are the simple bits – it is the connections that can cause problems…

  • No-one can approve a detail that hasn’t been drawn!
  • Well-designed intersections keep the project on track
  • We communicate with all stakeholders, every step of the way


Talk to the people

Regular, friendly and honest communication is the key to a successful project…

  • Appropriately scheduled team meetings and feedback are key
  • We keep in touch with all stakeholders, communicating through every stage of the project
  • If there is a problem, we pick up the phone!

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