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Hotel, Wookey Hole

Hotel, Wookey Hole


On this project, an eye catching hotel in a well known tourist spot, the design featured conical roofs pitched to a true curve.

The contractor and the architect researched a number of rainwater disposal options before deciding that the proposal by Lockmetal for a true curved extruded gutter represented best value.

The domestic concept of the project suggested a halfround gutter and capacity requirements were easily met using Lockmetal’s ME53 beaded deep-flow system.

This gutter system is unique amongst extruded aluminium profiles in that it is direct-fixed giving clean lines and very cost effective performance.

This was coupled with the RD30 rainwater pipe system and standard box hoppers.

Installation went without incident and the end result looks stunning, clearly complimenting a well thought out design.


• True curved gutter
• Hoppers
• Rainwater pipe