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Statement Cladding specialists and their role within the construction sector

Statement Cladding specialists and their role within the construction sector

August 16, 2018

What is Statement Cladding?

Statement Cladding is a term coined by Lockmetal that relates to the components of the external design of a building. It’s the elements that differentiate a building from other structures; the parts that make it unique and eye-catching.

It could be referred to as ‘the cosmetics of the construction industry’ but it can be hard to get right. Do Statement Cladding well and it will elevate a building to a higher standard, but get it wrong and it will attract the wrong kind of attention.

With it being cosmetic, although often also functional, it may be tempting to simply leave Statement Cladding off the building altogether, but then you’re just creating another unremarkable construction that will be overlooked.

Statement Cladding includes:

• Rainscreen Cladding
• Fascia/soffits
• Capping
• Rainwater goods
• Window surrounds
• Column casings
• Aerofoil and feature beams
• Feature items – canopies, balcony cladding, undercroft soffit, artwork

Why are Statement Cladding specialists important?

The majority of construction projects will include some sort of Statement Cladding. However, the issue is that most contractors run into difficulty with this sort of work. Usually, for one of two reasons. Either a local cladding contractor is too small of an operation to handle all of the procurement and logistics, or the job is too small for a large package contractor.

That’s where Statement Cladding specialists such as Lockmetal come in.

A Statement Cladding specialist such as ourselves have the experience, project management skills and production capacity to take these elements on. Every good Statement Cladding specialist should have the capabilities to carry out the project; too big for them and they will struggle to deliver, too small and they won’t pay attention and may fail on the detail.

You should check whether your specialist has a wealth of experience working with the materials necessary, and they must be committed to the job.

Statement cladding specialists are a vital cog within the construction industry because without them, many contractors look to combine packages to reduce management overhead and risk. This often leads to sub-contractors taking on work they are not comfortable with, which then leads to poor quality work.

Lockmetal as Statement Cladding specialists

As Statement Cladding specialists providing practical solutions to architectural challenges, we’re used to carrying out complex projects and we know how important it is for our clients that we maintain a high standard of service. We’ve developed our own ethos, Run-to-Time, which means we aim to ensure every part of the project, from initial proposal to sign off, runs smoothly.

We’ve also provided some advice and tips for pulling together different sub-contractors to get a project completed to the highest standard.