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What is Statement Cladding?

What is Statement Cladding?

June 20, 2017

Statement Cladding is the cosmetics of the construction industry, and a term coined by Lockmetal. It is the parts of the external design that make the building unique, stand-out and eye catching. Done well you will turn heads; done badly it will attract attention and derision in equal measures. Omit it and you condemn your building to join the unnoticed majority of bland and unremarkable structures that line our streets.

Statement Cladding is made up of:

• Rainscreen Cladding
• Fascia/soffit
• Capping
• Rainwater goods
• Window surrounds
• Column casings
• Aerofoil and Feature beams
• Feature items – canopies, balcony cladding, undercroft soffit, artwork

Most projects will have Statement Cladding, yet most contractors would have had difficulty procuring these elements. Usually too large or complex for a local cladding/roofing contractor and too small for the large package contractors. Lockmetal have the experience, project management skills and production capacity to take these elements on.

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