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Understanding our Rainwater Goods

Understanding our Rainwater Goods

August 15, 2017
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Rainwater management is a vital part of any building’s exterior and Lockmetal provides a comprehensive range of rainwater goods for a range of commercial projects. Combining innovative design with a superior execution, Lockmetal’s range of rainwater goods is built to last. Lockmetal can also provide rainwater calculations to BS EN 12056-3 2000 and provide reports suitable for submission to Building Control.

From rainwater gutters and pipes, to fascia soffits, all of our rainwater goods are suitable for both traditional and contemporary commercial buildings. The supply and installation of all of our rainwater goods adhere to all the relevant health and safety regulations that commercial properties must adhere to.

The majority of Lockmetal’s rainwater goods are aluminium which allows us to provide a cost-effective yet high quality, maintenance-free product range. This finish proves popular with modern designs but our cast iron effect coating can also be used to fit more traditional looking properties.

Lockmetal’s rainwater goods have already been installed on a range of commercial properties throughout the UK including high rise residential and multi purpose properties, hotels, council buildings, retail superstores, healthcare buildings, universities and schools, and social housing projects.

The rainwater goods we provide can be used during the initial construction of commercial projects or can be used to replace faulty or jaded systems. We’re industry leaders in rainwater goods and have a wide range of experience in the problems of tolerance, poorly thought through design details and multiple material junctions that commonly present themselves when working around facades, fenestration and curtain walling. We’re skilled in overcoming problematic size and tolerance issues providing a neat solution which matches the quality and aesthetics of the surrounding material choices.

We have everything you need for a comprehensive rainwater solution. If you’re looking for complete reliability, peace of mind and products that will last, choose Lockmetal’s rainwater goods for your next project. Take a look at our extensive range of rainwater goods and if you need some extra information our experienced team will be only happy to help.

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