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Water Damage: The most common reason for insurance claims on commercial properties

Water Damage: The most common reason for insurance claims on commercial properties

October 26, 2017
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Water damage is one of the most common causes of damage to commercial properties and is the most common reason for claiming on insurance. Water leakages can be devastating to commercial properties because they are often only noticed when it is too late.

The most common causes of water damage are:

Roof damage

A commercial property is only as solid as its roof. If proper roof maintenance isn’t carried out regularly, problems can begin to occur which often go unnoticed until the situation is severe. Extreme weather conditions can cause issues with commercial roofing systems but just general wear and tear can be to blame too. Around two thirds of commercial properties are thought to have something called cut edge corrosion which is where the corrugated steel or aluminium sheet cladding edges on a roof become oxidised as they are left exposed to the elements. If left untreated, cut edge corrosion can cause problems such as leaks, weaknesses in the roof integrity and erosion of the weather-sealed lap joint.

Temperature change

Fluctuating temperatures can cause problems for drainage systems such as guttering and pipes. This is because the materials used can expand when the temperature increases and contract when the temperature decreases again. Usually drainage systems can cope with this but sometimes the strain becomes too much and cracks can form in the systems causing leaks.

Clogged systems

When a drainage system such as a gutter becomes clogged with debris and other materials, it can no longer perform its job of directing water away from the property. With water having no place to go it can seep into the commercial property and cause issues such as damp, mould, cracks to the foundation and even structural damage.

Ensuring your commercial property is protected

By investing in quality rainwater goods by industry leaders, you can give your property the protection it needs. Here at Lockmetal we provide rainwater calculations to BS EN 12056-3 2000 and provide reports suitable for submission to Building Control. All of our products, such as guttering, rain chains, rainscreen cladding and rainwater pipes, are built to last and to ensure your commercial property does too.


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