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Ensuring clarity and certainty in the cladding sector

Ensuring clarity and certainty in the cladding sector

March 13, 2018

With uncertainty widespread in the cladding sector, as manufacturers and contractors attempt to ensure safety is the highest priority, the UK’s largest distributor of high performance cladding systems, Vivalda, has called for greater clarity on rainscreen standards.

Ben Jayes, managing director of Vivalda, cautioned that the complexity of the UK’s current safety standards could see contractors making unintentional specification errors. The industry is still awaiting the report on Grenfell, which isn’t expected until spring 2018, but already the new ‘approved inspector’ regime has created a confusing and murky landscape for contractors.

Additionally, industry-wide adoption of complex laboratory tests used by manufacturers to gain approval for ‘safe systems’ are proving difficult to replicate on-site.

As an installer of statement cladding products such as recessed balconies, penthouse/plantrooms, window detailing, feature beams, canopies, under-crofts and rainwater features, Lockmetal also highlight that safety does not merely concern the cladding products, but includes the fixings, installation methods and overall on-site quality assurance.

This is why it is essential for contractors to work with a cladding specialist who has the knowledge, experience and supply chain relationships to deliver a complete system with clarity and confidence.

Lockmetal work with multiple leading manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the required standards sought by the industry; together, we ensure the products being used are up to code, delivering the highest standards, from the beginning to the end of a project.

Crucially, Lockmetal, as a specialist statement cladding designer and installer, are taking responsibility for the difficult decisions on what products to use and how these should be installed. On-site quality assurance is key to providing peace of mind that the unseen parts of the installation are also meeting the required standards of the industry.

This way of working is about providing a practical response to customer needs and creating a solution that meets the design, safety, and budgetary requirements of the project. All of which can be achieved through experience and a well-established supply chain.

If you would like clarity and certainty on your next cladding project, contact us at Lockmetal. We’re Statement Cladding installation and design specialists who can take full responsibility for on-site quality assurance for even the most complex cladding projects.