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Our well-resourced technical department specialises in converting concept specifications and drawings, into practical and cost-effective detailed solutions.

Our 'Run-to-time' Service

Our effective and well-proven supply chain ensures that you receive both standard and bespoke products, on time and at the right price.

Our Team

We retain a specialist workforce, well-trained and strategically located, in direct contact with our management and design teams.


Our Work

Statement Cladding Specialists

Lockmetal are statement cladding design, supply and installation specialists, our work involves some of the more complicated and bespoke cladding requirements; things like recessed balconies, penthouse/plantrooms, window detailing, feature beams, canopies, under-crofts and rainwater features, those areas of the building that make a statement! Often these packages are too small for the major cladding package contractors but require a high level of coordination that means they are not suited to smaller roofing or cladding

As a specialist cladding company, we have a wealth of experience overcoming technical challenges and difficulties to deliver projects on time. Our knowledge and expertise in statement cladding means that even the most complex and technical projects are completed within budget, to a high standard and on time.

We know that usually the scope of a project requires more than one subcontractor to work together to deliver a completed end result. We have the hands-on project management experience to seamlessly work alongside and with other subcontractors to complete a project. We understand the complexities of commercial projects and are able to manage the small details involved. We have a specialist workforce, who are not only well-trained but also strategically located. They are always in direct contact with our management and design teams to ensure a cohesive operation.

If you’re looking for statement cladding design and installation specialists, look no further than Lockmetal. Choosing us for your specialist cladding needs ensures you’ll get your project finished in the most time and cost-effective way.

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