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Have you booked on Lockmetal’s Lunch & Learn Programme?

Have you booked on Lockmetal’s Lunch & Learn Programme?

Lockmetal’s Lunch & Learn programme is designed to educate customers about Statement Cladding and how Lockmetal can provide practical solutions to architectural challenges, pulling multiple packages together to deliver results – all over a free lunch provided by Lockmetal!


Statement Cladding


Statement cladding is different to regular cladding. Statement cladding is a term coined by Lockmetal that relates to the components of the external design of a building. It’s the elements that differentiate a building from other structures; the parts that make it unique and eye-catching. It could be referred to as ‘the cosmetics of the construction industry’. Statement cladding includes:

  • Rainscreen Cladding
  • Fascia/soffits
  • Capping
  • Rainwater goods
  • Window surrounds
  • Column casings
  • Aerofoil and feature beams
  • Feature items – canopies, balcony cladding, undercroft soffit, artwork


The Lunch & Learn Programme


During the Lunch & Learn session, we’ll explain how statement cladding benefits contractors and the types of projects that Lockmetal have worked on.

We hope that in this relaxed lunchtime session customers will be able to gain a real insight into the role of statement cladding specialists and how invaluable they are when dealing with multiple sub-contractors.


Interested in learning more about statement cladding over a free lunch? Call us on 01923 936400 or email us at to discuss a date, time and location.