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Preconstruction: the benefit of early involvement of specialists

Preconstruction: the benefit of early involvement of specialists

Due to the changing role of the estimator within construction, it’s becoming increasingly clear that projects would benefit greatly from the early involvement of specialists.

Traditionally, it’s been the estimator’s primary responsibility to evaluate and price a project right at the beginning, before any subcontractor or vendor bids have been accepted.

However, now the estimator is expected to increase their responsibility by defining scopes of work; assessing alternative materials, systems or methods; and managing the intent of the design team and desires of the owner.

Simultaneously, we’re seeing that more and more, the success of a project relies heavily on decisions made at the initial phases of planning and during preconstruction.

Preconstruction involves collating input from the entire project teams and projecting that into the budget as early on as possible. It is beneficial to undertake an early review of project costs to ensure sufficient funds are available, otherwise a redesign may need to take place. Things to take in to consideration include environmental assessments, testing services, design fees, permit fees, furniture and equipment.

At Lockmetal, during the proposal stage we front load the design. Our thinking is that the more understanding, planning and designing we do initially, the better the end result will be.

We also take a collaborative approach every step of the way and we actively reach out to the other subcontractors that are involved with the project for greater understanding. Due to the complexities of these kinds of projects, and all the different factions that must work together, we believe communication is vital.

To take the burden off estimators and to ensure you get the very best results, involving a specialist, such as Lockmetal, in the early stages is key. This allows you to improve predictability, reduce information loss at hand-offs, and delight even your most demanding clients.

At Lockmetal, we offer more than just an estimation for a project and those who look to set themselves apart from their competition will understand that preconstruction is a worthy focus for their attention and resources.