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5 tips to effectively pull together multiple sub-contractors

5 tips to effectively pull together multiple sub-contractors

Many contractors look to combine packages to reduce management overhead and risk. This often leads to sub-contractors taking on work they are not comfortable with and ultimately leads to:

  • Sub-subcontracting, causing loss of control and frustration
  • Inadequate sub-contractor management
  • Lack of attention to detail
  • Poor quality work

Often it is better to look for a group of sub-contractors that have a track record of working well together.

So how do you do this? Here are five simple steps to success…

  1. Identify the packages where collaboration is important and get in touch with your usual contacts for these packages. Ask if they can recommend other sub-contractors for the adjacent packages but avoid suggestions you ‘lump it all together’ (for above reasons).
  2. Obtain proposals from likely sub-contractors – mention you intend to work with sub-contractors who work well together.
  3. Select the best proposals and invite all players to a joint meeting – state you will be placing separate orders but expect a high level of co-ordination. Concentrate on getting the group to sort out the details.
  4. Assess value engineering ideas and request updated proposals including coordinated timescales.
  5. Place the orders and let the team take the strain!

Some packages lend themselves well to this. We have managed many projects to this winning formula, helping you Run to time, every time!