Aluminium Gutter Systems

Aluminium Guttering

Whether you have a contemporary or traditional commercial building, Lockmetal can provide a comprehensive range of gutter system profiles to meet your property’s needs. Crucially, our guttering can be used to complement almost any kind of roof or eaves.

Incorporating many installer friendly features, Lockmetal’s gutter systems use a combination of pressed, extruded and cast aluminium gutters with a range of coating options.

Where possible, instead of using bolts in our jointing, we prefer the more modern silicone seals which provide high movement and are less penetrative and do not compromise the joints as much.

Lockmetal’s free design service can provide competent rainwater calculation advice and support including qualified comment and useable reports; something that is essential for the correct design of a rainwater system. Additionally, our gutter installations are carefully managed to match facade programme.

Our short lead times and competitive prices make us the perfect choice to complete your next gutter system.

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