Aluminium Parapet Capping Systems

Parapet Capping

Lockmetal’s aluminium parapet capping systems provide a flexible solution to the intricate, and often problematic detail that is encountered at the head of a parapet wall. Crucially, our parapet capping provides a weather resistant barrier for protection whilst still allowing for ventilation.

The parapet capping system can cope with any wall width and can even incorporate decorative and moulded features into its design.

True curved and faceted copings is a common requirement which Lockmetal’s parapet capping can accommodate. Vertical and sloping is also not an issue.

An early approach to the Lockmetal design team is advisable when there is a need to allow for unavoidable building tolerance and the desire to be unconstrained in the design of parapets. It also means installations can be carefully managed to match the facade programme.

There are many benefits to Lockmetal’s aluminium parapet capping systems. They’re low maintenance which makes them a cost-effective long-term solution; they’re lightweight which makes them quick and easy to install; and they’re incredibly adaptable for complete convenience. We use aluminium because it is 100% recyclable and provides a completely sustainable capping system. Additionally, our parapet capping systems can be used in conjunction with our aluminium fascia and soffits, and other rainwater goods.

We have already provided high quality parapet capping systems for a number of commercial projects across the country. Our systems work with a variety of building styles,