Balcony Cladding

Balcony Cladding

Here at Lockmetal, we know how important a matching balcony is when it comes to the façade design of the overall building. The balcony cladding plays a vital role in shaping the overall personality of a building and our commercial balcony cladding comes in a wide range of colours and finishes. Our balcony cladding is also available plain, perforated or patterned and with secret or exposed fittings.

We use pressed aluminium and ACM panels within our commercial balcony cladding which provides high weather-resistance to ensure longevity. The robust balcony cladding provides protection against external stresses and require very little maintenance.

Commercial buildings that use balcony cladding are more resistant to extreme weather conditions, such as strong wind and rain, and extreme humidity and sunlight, and that can cause cracks in the building exterior. Basically reducing wear and tear to the building itself.

We work in conjunction with the construction programme for a completely coordinated installation which makes the whole process as smooth as possible. Our balcony cladding is both completely practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Lockmetal understand the complexities of commercial construction projects and are able to manage the small details involved. We have a specialist workforce, who are both well-trained and strategically located, and are always in direct contact with our management and design teams. That’s why all of our project orders, run-to-time, every time. Contact us to discuss your next project.