Column Casing

Column Casing

Here at Lockmetal, our aluminium column casings are always made bespoke which is why it’s beneficial for those involved in the design and/or procurement of these products for building projects to consult with Lockmetal as early as possible. The bespoke nature of Lockmetal’s column casings means they can match your exact requirements with no compromise.

To install the column casing successfully, consideration must be given to not only the support system, insulation and fire compartmentation but the jointing and connecting details too.

Our column casings come in a range of shapes including circular, semi-circular, square and rectangular. Non-standard shapes are also easily incorporated into the building project if necessary.

With Lockmetal’s column casings, a wide variety of finishes are available which include brushed aluminium, polished aluminium, polyester powder coated aluminium and perforated sheet. This variety allows the column casings to be seamlessly incorporated into the existing design of the building.

Lockmetal’s column casings are not only installed to the highest standard, they are created with aesthetics also in mind and are suitable for almost any application – no matter the size or scale of the project.

Our column casings have already been successfully integrated into many commercial building projects across the country.