Rainscreen Cladding

Rainscreen Cladding

Lockmetal have a proven track record of providing economic and innovative designs that are responsive to the need for a Rainscreen Cladding System utilising Aluminium composite material panels (ACM) or pressed aluminium panels.

Providing an exterior surface that halts the force of water movement driven by wind. Buildings contain tiny breaches that water can enter, however rainscreen cladding takes away the water’s ability to permeate the wall by taking away its drive.

Lockmetal’s rainscreen cladding is available in an extensive range of colours and finishes to suit the aesthetics of any property. The rainscreen cladding system can have exposed or secret fixings depending on the requirements of the building and either minimal or expressed joints.

Additionally, perforated sheet rainscreen cladding is available in regular and artwork based patterns.

The design process of Lockmetal’s rainscreen cladding takes into account variable factors to ensure it works to its maximum potential, these include jointing options, load bearing capacities, fire containment, differential movement, wind loads and required insulation value.

Lockmetal’s rainscreen cladding can be used on commercial, domestic and industrial properties for weatherproofing and to add to the overall thermal performance.

Lockmetal’s rainscreen cladding is compliant with Building Regulations requirements, BS8414 testing and CWCT testing & industry good practice.