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Trinity School, Henley on Thames

Trinity School, Henley on Thames


Lockmetal was able to advise the architect on practical details at an early stage of this project with the result that the required aesthetic was achieved within a tight budget.

Rainwater calculations were produced by Lockmetal to advise on down-pipe sitting.

Bullnose features require close attention to detail at the design stage and accurate manufacture and installation if the final result is to look as good as the design intent.

This project required ventilation, which is a common need. This can be met in a very unobtrusive way using integral slots. Consideration is needed to ensure visual continuity and the exclusion of insects.

Onsite there were some issues with errors on the primary steelwork but Lockmetal was able to overcome these and complete a package that looks stunning and will perform well for many years.


• Bullnose fascia
• Soffit
• Gutter
• Support structure
• Rainwater pipes