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Revitalising older buildings with rainscreen cladding

Revitalising older buildings with rainscreen cladding

As a society we tend to form attachments to buildings so when certain structures that have been built many years before, become worn and unappealing, it’s a real shame when they get torn down.

However developers have found new ways of revitalising these structures without going down the demolition and rebuild route. And it’s all thanks to rainscreen cladding.

Thousands of buildings that have become staples within towns and cities are able to have necessary facelifts thanks to the advancements in cladding system materials and finishes.

Buildings can only make use of materials that are available at the time, and for older buildings, this tended to be precast concrete and masonry. Because of this, it makes sense that these building may now need a more practical refurbishment solution. With rainscreen cladding, the buildings can retain their heritage and link to the past, whilst simultaneously meeting modern building performance requirements. They are also able to complement newer, more contemporary buildings that have been built with more contemporary designs.

Rainscreen cladding is an ideal solution because it can be designed using lightweight materials that don’t compromise the original building’s structure but allow enhancement of the outward physical appearance.

Statement cladding designers and installers such as Lockmetal benefit from a large range of materials which can all be used during the design process, and create the ideal solution to meet the needs of the architect, contractor and of course the building. Steel, glass and aluminium continue to be popular, because they bridge the gap between industrial and modernity perfectly, but authentic materials such as stone, terracotta & mineral boards are also on the rise.