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Lockmetal’s ethos: run-to-time, every time

Lockmetal’s ethos: run-to-time, every time

May 23, 2018

As Statement Cladding specialists providing practical solutions to architectural challenges, we’re used to carrying out complex projects and we know how important it is for our clients that we maintain a high standard of service. This means providing the right products, at the right price, on time.

We believe in this so much that we’ve developed our own ethos: Run-to-Time, an aim to ensure every part of the project from initial proposal to sign off runs smoothly.

Our run-to-time ethos is carried out across six stages…

Stage 1: Proposal

During this stage we front load the design. Our thinking is that the more understanding, planning and designing we do initially, the better the end result will be.

Stage 2: Order

We take a collaborative approach every step of the way and we actively reach out to the other subcontractors that are involved with the project for greater understanding. Because of the complexities of these kinds of projects, and all the different factions that must work together, we believe communication is vital.

Stage 3: Design

Having been designing statement cladding for 25 years we’ve come to know where the pitfalls are, so during the design process we focus on known problem areas, to head off any issues we foresee possible arising and work with the entire project team to ensure the vision and budget set out by the clients.

Stage 4: Approval.

We have a specially designed information management system that was built for technically complex projects and allows us to collaborate with other packages. Each project is designated an individual project manager and design technician.

Stage 5: Manufacture

We know that the elements in a project that can cause problems are the connections, our experienced and specialist team of design technicians will find a solution and adapt to challenges. We believe this is the way to keep the project on track – armed with well-designed intersections and communicating with all stakeholders; no-one can approve a detail that hasn’t been drawn.

Stage 6: Install

During the installation stage, appropriately scheduled team meetings and feedback are key. Through honest and transparent communication and discussions, we collaborate to deliver a successful project.

We strive to ensure the products being used on the projects are delivering the highest standards and work collaboratively with the products manufacturers to ensure they are up to code. We take full responsibility for the difficult decisions on which products to use and how they should be installed, especially as industry-wide adoption of complex laboratory tests used by manufacturers to gain approval for ‘safe systems’ are proving difficult to replicate on-site.

At Lockmetal, our on-site quality assurance is key to providing peace of mind that the unseen parts of the installation are also meeting the required standards of the industry. Stringent checking and quality assurance is something we live by and it helps us to deliver our company ethos of Run-to-Time!

This is why it is vital that construction contractors work with specialist cladding companies like us at Lockmetal, who can deliver systems with certainty and assurance.